Sunday, May 29, 2011

a day in asheville

after receiving a canon eos rebel xs as a graduation gift, luke and i decided to take a day trip to asheville to play with my new camera. i am so delighted to have such an amazing camera and to retire my old point and shoot. The difference is unbelievable, even for a beginner like myself.

asheville is a small city, concealed in the north carolina foothills right before reaching the mountains; a mini hippie haven that has none of the showy conservatism that seems to be pervading in charlotte

we spent the day wandering around downtown, playing in the park, eating in small cafes, visiting the western north carolina nature center, driving along the blueridge parkway, and visiting a really amazing antique shop. there were also a lot of neat book stores, an old record store and some vintage clothing stores.

the best hippie we saw all day

It was a hot day so most of the animals at the nature center were sleeping or resting in the shade. thanks to my new lens, i was able to capture a shot of this little guy as he was waking up

dress: vintage (hemmed), bodysuit: uo, shoes: bc clogs


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