Sunday, October 17, 2010

Painting 2: Surfaces

I had so much fun with this painting! I feel like it's truly me and it expresses who I am as an artist so perfectly. I love texture and I think this painting illustrates that I know how to use it. It also feels very map-like to me.
Sadly, paintings that are very tactile and 3D in nature photograph badly and the pictures don't do it justice, but I want to post my progress anyways.

So I started by dyeing the cheesecloth in the fibers studio a soft grayish green colour . I used pumice gel to attach the cheesecloth to the surface because I really like the softness of the fabric juxtaposed with the roughness of pumice. Then I added a bit more colour and added sand. I think it draws attention to the surface (at least in person!).

Conceptually I didn't really have an idea because the point of this painting was that the surface WAS the concept.

This is a detail. This photo was taken under the studio lights and the top one was taken under regular florescent lights. The real colour is somewhere in between. I need to photograph this outside in natural light!


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