Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Painting 1 Update

So I am almost done with the first painting for Abstract. I can still see the flower in it but many of my classmates can't so this makes me happy.

I think it is funny how much emphasis the general public puts on realistic art. They somehow think that it is harder and takes more skill, whereas abstract is "something a kid can do." Well, they couldn't be more wrong. I think realism is easier because all you are doing is copying. You are mimicking something you see from life; color, shape, everything. Abstraction on the other hand involves a lot more creativity and knowledge of the basic art elements because the content of the art is seen through those elements. In abstraction you are making something that doesn't exist in real life- you are creating something totally new.

What I have so far


I still have a ways to go and I feel that it may be a bit too structured- maybe some of the lines shouldn't be so neat and clean... hmmm...


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